Toxic Free Life. Great place to start is your cleaners.

Why Young Living? For my family it was about living a more toxic free life. I had slowly been switching over our household cleaners to “greener” products but still would find some surprising things in these “green” products. I really didn’t want to spend alot of time making my own either. With Young Living products I don’t have to question what is being used and where it came from due to their Seed to Seal promise. I am super excited to add the 3 new products that were released earlier this month. Here is a glimpse of what we use in our house. Don’t let the small packages fool you. A little goes a long way! All are plant-based formulas.

(#3743) Thieves Household Cleaner

You can use to clean glass and mirrors, make a deep cleaning scrub, an all purpose cleaner, a heavy degreaser, a wood floor cleaner, a carpet spot remover and probably many more uses.

NEW (#5350) Thieves Dish Soap

NEW (#5344) Thieves Fruit & Veggie Combo

I plan to keep the small bottle in my diaper bag for those times when the kids think they just can’t wait til we get home to eat some fruit.

NEW (#5349) Thieves Laundry Soap

Safe for HE machines. Only $0.10 more than some of those other “green” soaps.

(#3265/#3266) Thieves Spray

I keep one in my purse, one in my diaper bag and one by our toilet. Handy for when you are out and about and want to clean a surface, littles have to use a potty and can’t squat, and excellent poopourri.


Stay tuned for more of our favorites. From our house to yours!

If you don’t have a wholesale membership I would be happy to assist you in getting one. To learn more go to Membership with Young Living. If you have questions just let me know.